recent panel victories


People v. Glover
Tutti Hacking : 4/10/2018

The Court of Appeal concluded trial counsel was ineffective in failing to disclose a witness' statement to appellant prior to appellant's entering a no contest plea. Accordingly, the Court of Appeal conditionally reversed the judgment and remanded with dir...

People v. Judlin
Patrick Hennessey, Jr. : 4/10/2018

The Court of Appeal reversed appellant's sentence and remanded for further proceedings to determine whether appellant's 2013 conviction for battery with serious bodily injury constituted a prior serious felony conviction and a strike. Absent a waiver and a...

In re Ernesto R.
K. Baker : 3/28/2018

At disposition, the juvenile court aggregated the three prior sustained petitions, but erred in failing to aggregate the minor's predisposition custody credits. The parties agreed that there was error, but could not agree as to the number of custody credit...

People v. Figueroa
S. Hinkle : 3/28/2018

Appellant and Garcia were charged with a violation of Penal Code section 186.22, subdivision (a), active participation in a criminal street gang, inter alia. Garcia was found not guilty of all charges. After verdicts were returned, the trial court found th...