what's up in the united states supreme court?

This article is now current through October 10, 2019.
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Why use our issues list instead of the Court's?

Unlike the U.S. granted/noted listings, the issues below are sorted by topic, include all pending cases, and include only those cases of interest to appellate counsel in the areas of criminal, juvenile, & dependency law. (Please note, we do not include death penalty cases that target death penalty-related issues only, such as penalty phase questions.)


Cases/Issues Currently Pending:

The cases pending are grouped by topic category and subcategory, using the same topics utilized in The Search page. Their use here extends the single platform approach in that it allows the user to cross-reference briefs, recently decided cases included in the case summaries, victories, and cases currently on review in the United States Supreme Court.

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May a State Abolish the Insanity Defense Updated: 3/18/2019
Jury Trial
Sixth Amendment Guarantee Unanimous Verdict Applicable to States Updated: 3/18/2019
Search & Seizure
Reasonable for Officer to Suspect the Registered Owner of Vehicle is Driving Updated: 4/1/2019
Proper Interpretation of Miller v. Alabama and Montgomery v. Louisiana (Juvenile LWOP) Updated: 3/18/2019