recently decided in the california supreme court

This page chronicles cases decided in the California Supreme Court within the last six months.


Civil Commitments
Prop. 47--Reduction of Underlying Offense for Mentally Disordered Offender Updated: 8/22/2019
Attempted Kidnapping Lesser Included Offense of Kidnapping Updated: 8/26/2019
Habeas Corpus
Discovery of Evidence in Possession of Court Updated: 7/18/2019
Habeas Corpus
Seeking Franklin Hearing via Habeas Updated: 6/3/2019
Jury Trial
Harmless Error Analysis When Jury Instructed on Legally Incorrect Theory Updated: 8/26/2019
Jury Trial
"Kill Zone" Instruction Updated: 6/24/2019
Pretrial Motions
Disclosure of Internal Brady List and Pitchess Procedure Updated: 8/26/2019
Probation & Parole
Electronics Search Condition Updated: 8/15/2019
Review Dismissed
Consent to Warrantless Blood Sample Based on Vehicle Code Sections Updated: 8/28/2019
Review Dismissed
Prejudicial Error for Failure to Instruct That Special Circumstance Required Aider and Abettor Intended to Kill Updated: 8/28/2019
Search and Seizure
Community Caretaking Exception Fourth Amendment Updated: 8/12/2019
Prop. 47--Validity of Gang Participation Conviction After Underlying Felony is Reduced to Misdemeanor Updated: 6/3/2019