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LPS--Must the Trier of Fact Find, Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, that the Objector is Unwilling or Unable Voluntarily to Accept Meaningful Treatment

Must the trier of fact find, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the objector is unwilling or unable voluntarily to accept meaningful treatment before a conservator may be appointed, or reappointed, under the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act (Welf. & Inst. Code, 5000 et seq.)? (Conservatorship of K.P. (2019) 39 Cal.App.5th 254, review granted 11/26/2019 (S258212/B291510).)

Review on this issue has also been granted with briefing deferred in:

  • Conservatorship of D.P. (2019) 41 Cal.App.5th 794, review granted 2/11/2020 (S259568/B291525)

Updated: 2/11/2020

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